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Common Queries

Common Queries 


Q1. Our windows are only fitted a few years but there is a draft around the windows, why is this?

A1. Unfortunately we meet this problem where windows are not fitted correctly. In many cases, the windows are put in place, slotted in and sealed without securing fully and without draught sealing the window.

At Wedlock Windows, we think that fitting is just as important as the quality of the window itself and so we take care to ensure that the windows are fully secured and sealed to prevent draughts, water damage, mould and to maximise heat retention. The u-values of different glass types supplied by Wedlock Windows, Dublin & Cavan, Ireland are the best on the market ensuring that you won't feel a coolness through your glass.


Q2. What is the difference between standard double glazing, uPVC and triple glazing?

A2. Double glazing involves two panes of glass rather than a single pain. As the name triple glazing suggests rather than just two panes of glass a third is introduced to further its ability to insulate the home.

  • Less heat loss
    When it's minus 50C outside and 210C inside - recent tests have shown the inside surface of the glass is 180C, so you can see how thermally efficient our triple glazing is.
  • Less condensation
    Triple Glazing is better insulated. The inside pane of glass stays warmer to reduce condensation on the inside - even when its freezing outside.
  • Less noise
    The additional air cavity created by the extra pane of glass means a triple glazed window will greatly reduce the level of noise pollution from outside your home.
  • Cost v Benefit
    With the need for improved insulation in houses, there is a lot of talk about triple glazing, which offers better insulation than double glazing and each time you improve the performance of glazing, so the cost increases. The question is whether the additional cost provides sufficient benefits.

To measure the insulation performance of windows, there is an international standard which rates the window, not just the glass, but also the frame, and this is called the U-value. The better the insulation the lower the number.
The U-value for a traditional single-pane window was over 5.0, and ten years ago double glazing achieved improved u-values of 3.0. However, in the interests of reducing energy consumption, the European governments are demanding lower values. Our standard double glazing whole window value is now at 1.4 U-value, using a glass U-vaule of 1.1. One of the reasons for the demand for improved insulation is that people would like a more uniform comfort level in the home.


Q3. How can I ensure that my windows and doors are as energy efficient as possible?

A3. Always choose windows that have an Energy rated certificate for the frame and glass combined. Many suppliers will inform you of the rating for the window pane but it is essential to know the frame and glass combined rating. Also ask the company you choose how they insulate around the window frame when fitting, if no insulation is installed then you will have draughts around the frame. Our windows are rated with BFRC which is the UK's national system for rating Energy Efficient Windows.


Q4. What counties do you service?

A4. We cover all counties but the majority of our work is in Cavan, Monaghan, Meath, Louth, Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and surrounding areas. If you want a quote, please give us a call on 01 821 0066 or 049 555 3000.


Q5. Do you charge for quotes?

A5. No, we are happy to meet with customers at a time convenient to them to discuss their design ideas and provide them with a competitive quote, whilst advising on the best solutions for their home or business.  Joe Wedlock is a architect technician, having a flair for design and a vast knowledge of all things to do with housing. 


Q6. Do you fit unusual shaped feature windows?

A6: Yes, we have a full range of unusual shaped windows and we can cater for almost every space and design you can think of. Visit our gallery to view a selection of our work.


Q7. Security is important to us, how can I choose the most secure windows and doors for my home?

A7: The security on some styles of windows is sometimes poor and offers little resistance. Our windows all internally glazed which means the glass cannot be taken out from the outside. There are improvements that can be made to your existing uPVC widows which can add extra security such as sash locks, shoot bolts and child safety latches / locks. Please contact us and we would be happy to advise you on how you can increase your security.

Take a look at this interesting read from An Garda Síochána An Garda Síochána Home Security Windows Information



Q8. I run a crèche and I am concerned about the safety of the windows with the children. What would you advise?

A8. We have a range of safety catches which can be fitted to windows. They can be fitted to new and existing windows to ensure that they are safe for children. This is especially important for upstairs windows to prevent children falling. We also use toughened glass to comply with regulations to maximise safety even if the glass is broken.


Q9. Our double glazing keeps steaming up, what is the problem?

A9. This is a common problem and occurs when over prolonged period of time the seal on the double glazing which should be air tight becomes weakened allowing moisture to get in. We can replace this unit and give you a 10 year manufactures guarantee on your new unit, the glass unit is designed to be replaceable so little disruption to the frame is the norm. Trying to separate the glass is not a good idea as the sealed unit is factory made.
The design of double glazing units have changed over the years. At Wedlock Windows, we use dual seal double glazing units. The spacer bar holds the double glazing units at a fixed distance apart and a butyl seal is applied to seal the glass together. The butyl seals primary function is to help retain the Argon gas (or Krypton) inside the unit. The butyl (is a form of hot melt) is an oil based rubber. It is designed to stay “plastic” and malleable for the life of the unit. If it was made out of a material which was not gas tight and prone to drying and cracking the expensive gas would leak out.
We use a molecular sieve desiccant, which is placed into the inside of the spacer bar. The spacer bar has vents to allow moisture from the inside to be pulled into the spacer bar and out of sight.
Next we have a polyurethane seal is also used to keep the two panes of glass stuck together. It should not crack or become brittle and is primarily used to keep water out of the unit. It is not as “gas tight” as butyl. It is flexible which allows some movement to not have adverse effect on the units. Movement can be due to wind loading, movement within the frame, movement of glass and the sunlight. This then reduces the overall vapour permeability of the unit. This polyurethane, butyl seal and spacer bar together give you a 12-14mm overall seal.


Q10: Our sash windows are not closing properly which is letting in drafts. Why is this happening?

A10: The reason for this is that the incorrect hinge has been fitted to an opening sash of a window and they can strain under the weight. This issue is easily resolved with a new stronger hinge.
If your windows have only just been installed and haven’t been properly adjusted by the fitters they can be draughty. This is easily rectified by adjusting the hinges. Please contact us and we would be happy to service your windows.


Q11. What is a Composite/Palladio Door?

A11. Our composite doors differ from others with its Monocoque structure which with gives it a massive strength to weight ratio unlike standard 2mm skins bonded to a foam core. We fit our doors to a grained uPVC steel reinforced frame. Our composite doors sophisticated appearance of solid timber, and all the stability, security, energy efficiency and durability of modern materials a composite door supplied and expertly fitted by Wedlock Windows is perfect for your home.


Q12. What are the benefits of choosing a Triple Glazed Insulated Composite door?

A12. Our triple glazed and insulated composite door:  

  • Can achieve a U value as low as 0.20
  • Ultra stylish - they look great, keep heat in and the elements out
  • Very secure and have been awarded Secured by Design approval, certified to PAS23/24 performance and security tests
  • A Grand Entrance - choose from a huge range of colours and decorative glass options to create a beautiful entrance for your home


Q13. Do wooden windows require much aftercare and maintenance?

A13. Wooden windows are a natural product and do require maintenance to protect and preserve it. How regularly this maintenance is needed will depend on the product quality and the level of exposure the windows are open to such as rain or harsh sun. At Wedlock Windows, we do offer maintenance services to ensure your windows look their best and are protected against the elements.


Q14. Are you worried about your doors security?

A14. We can change your lock to a high security anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap cylinder locks.


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