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The Natural Beauty of Wood


Wedlock Windows Wood Window & Door Range

There are many reasons why wood is an excellent material for making doors, windows and conservatories. The hardwood we use is classified as a durable material with high structural strength. As a 'natural insulator' wood adds considerably to the overall insulating performance of a door or window and it requires less energy in its processing than other materials. It is also recognised that a hardwood door improves a building's aesthetics. We offer a choice of durable, West African Utile hardwood and best quality, preservative treated Upper Gulf Scandinavian Red Pine.



No matter how unusual the design or size and whether you require arched, or traditional frames, with or without Georgian bars, we can offer a window to meet your needs. Every detail has been carefully considered from the grading of the timber to its final coat of stain. Hardware, weather seals, glazing units, security al1 have been developed to enhance the performance and appearance of your wooden windows. We offer traditional Casement windows as well as Vertical Sliding Sash windows in the stiles given in the diagram on the right.

Vertical Sliding Sash window combines traditional styling with modern technology. It suits perfectly the character of 'period' style housing but also stands, in its own right, as a window of 'today'. Through its inherited, state of the art manufacturing techniques it combines comfort, convenience and security while preserving its classic lines. Wood framed windows - new & replacement windows supplied & fitted by Wedlock Windows, Dublin & Cavan, IrelandWood framed windows at rear of house - - new & replacement windows supplied & fitted by Wedlock Windows, Dublin & Cavan, Ireland


Our wood products are high performance, engineered and made to a customer's exact requirements. They are all treated with modern, micro-porous stains, to the colour of your choice. This enhances the natural beauty of the wood and gives it long lasting weather protection and elasticity, allowing it to breath and eliminating any risk of distortion which can occur with conventional treatments.

The sash spring balances are lubricated during the production process and are designed to be self lubricating during the operation of the window sashes. The balances should therefore require the minimum of maintenance but all fittings should be checked regularly. If dirt builds up at the bottom end of the balance it should be cleaned out and re-greased with multi-purpose grease. Ensure that the balances are not being over-extended or crushed by checking the sash moves to contact the travel stop without undue force. Gaskets should be kept free of paint, stain and lacquer to ensure perfect performance. Treated and finished with modern, water-repellent stains, wooden windows can be expected to give an excellent all-round performance and, if kept clean and maintained with a similar stain on a regular basis (always in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations}, will continue to do so.


Shapes of windows available with wooden frames - new & replacement windows supplied & fitted by Wedlock Windows, Dublin & Cavan, Ireland
24mm double glazing is standard with all our wood products, we also install triple glazing timber windows.
Special timber sections, designed to accommodate the double or triple glazing unit, mean elegantly slim windows.
Normal excessive sideways movement (a common complaint with vertical sash windows) has been eliminated by designing in additional seals.
These additional seals also mean smoother upwards/downwards and improved weather performance.
Pre-tensioned, fully concealed spring ; balances with built-in adjustment allow smooth operation and carry a five year warranty.
For piece of mind all windows have or finger locking sash locks.
The timbers used come from well managed forests and are specially selected for their high quality and fine grain. They bring natural beauty, energy efficiency, warmth and long lasting durability into your home.
A wide range of window designs and opening options including arched heads Georgian style meet most needs


Our Vertical Sliding Sash Windows have been designed and tested to perform, when correctly assembled and installed, to both the requirements of BS 6375 Part 1: 1989 (for air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance) and BS 6375 Part 2: 1987 (for operation and strength)
Wooden Doors

To compliment our range of wooden window designs we also offer Wooden Single Rebated Residential Entrance Doors and Stormproof Double Rebated Wooden doors.

Because each door is individually made (not just a standard off-the-shelf purchase) little details, like window and door sashes being 'in-line' or design features like matching arched heads to both, can easily be facilitated.

Our double rebated doors have been designed and tested to perform, when correctly assembled and installed, to the requirements of BS 6375 Part I: 1989 (for air permeability, water-tightness and wind resistance). The door is manufactured to take 24mm double glazed sealed units as standard although other thicknesses and single glazing are available. To maintain the high performance of your doors the hinges and multi-locking espagnolette bolt should be kept clean and free from paint stain or lacquer and should be kept lightly lubricated.Wooden door types available - new & replacement doors supplied & fitted by Wedlock Windows, Dublin & Cavan, Ireland


Security is built-in at manufacture with simple-to-operate multi-locking espagnolette bolts (with 3 dead-bolts and 1 adjustable latch plate) fitted, as standard. Heavy duty hinges and espagnolette bolts have been carefully selected to maintain the door's neat lines. For full security, when closing, lift lever handle to engage the 3 locking dead-bolts and lock with key. To open, unlock with key and move lever handle down to disengage locking dead-bolts. A wide range of both inward and outward opening door designs can be accommodated to meet most needs precisely.




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